John Richardson

John Richardson is one of the founding members of The Rubettes, best known for his vocals and drum work.

Between 1974 and 1979 The Rubettes enjoyed chart success including their number one signature song “Sugar Baby Love” which sold worldwide over 30 million records.

In 1979, he left the band to explore his spirituality, releasing music under his Hare Krishna name Jayadev, and most recently he has released music with Sobel Nation Records with Jayadev’s Mantra Crew.

In 2000 he returned to the Rubettes featuring Alan Williams, Mick Clarke, and Steve Etherington.

In February 2019, he left the band and formed The Rubettes with Mick Clarke and Steve Etherington.

Less than one month after forming the new version of the Rubettes, the band released a single on Sobel Nation Records entitled “Let The Music In” and within a week of its release, the song hit top 20 in the United States.

John presently works not only with the Rubettes but also records with Jayadev’s Mantra Crew.