Steve Etherington

Steve Etherington is the only non-original member of the Rubettes in the new Rubettes.

Steve trained ‘classically’ from the age of 9 in guitar, piano, tuba, and musical theory.

He also has a plethora of qualifications with the Royal Academy of Music, Trinity College & The British College of Accordionists.

Steve is a highly sought after as a keyboardist, guitarist, bass player, singer, ‘sequencer’ arranger, composer, and vocal coach.

This broad skill set coupled with a ‘feel’ for all music ranging from classical through jazz, funk, rock, metal and electronic dance music has taken him to the four corners of the globe playing every type of show from musical theatre in London’s West End to Rock Festivals, television and radio, conducting orchestras & night clubs.

The bands & artists that Steve has worked both live and in the studio with include: The Rubettes, Hot Chocolate, Modern Romance, The Drifters, The Temptations, The Tramps, Shane McGowan, Leee John, Glen Matlock, C&C Music Factory, Beenie Man, Angie Brown, Rozalla, & Jackie Graham to name but a few.

Steve has co-written over 300 songs several of which have had chart success including his first number one in North America 2019 on Sobel Nation Records “It Starts At Midnight” (Get It On).

Steve has also co-written two musicals (“Glambusta” and “White Wedding”) & a Celtic Dance Show “The Essence of Ireland” from 2007 to 2014.

He is ‘one half’ of “Symphonic Ibiza” (Orchestra) with DJ Andy Joyce.

Since 2005, Steve has owned “Landmark Recording Studios.” There, he was initiated into the ‘Elite’ Showbiz fraternity “The Grand Order of Water Rats” by his keyboard ‘idol’ Rick Wakeman.

This charitable order has an invitation-only membership & counts Brian May (Queen), Nico McBrain (Iron Maiden) Roy Wood (Wizard), and Alfie Boe amongst its members alongside HRH Prince Charles, The Duke of Edinburgh & Prince Michael of Kent.

Steve has been one of the “creative forces” behind the Rubettes music since 1995 when the original band recorded vocals to his track for a song called “Rum,” and has been inextricably linked with them since.

In “light entertainment” Steve’s arrangements and original songs are performed on many cruise ships, holiday resorts & pantomimes throughout the world earning him high praise in the business.

While with the Rubettes with Alan Williams, he released in 2018, he released a version of “Sugar Baby Love “with original band member John Richardson. Steve sang lead vocals, and the single hit charts around the world.

Steve left the Rubettes on Feb 15, 2019, with Alan Williams and formed a new band The Rubettes with Original band members John Richardson and Mick Clarke.

The first single the band released a few days after the new band was formed in February “Let The Music In” released on Sobel Nation Records hit the charts within a week of its release.

He is indeed an “Eclectic Chameleon” which will be the title of his new album being released later this year in 2019 on Sobel Nation Records.